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Doufám, že moc nevadí, že jsem se i přes Jasmínin nesouhlas rozhodla zde zveřejnit jednu ze svých anglických povídek, pokoušela jsem se ji přeložit do češtiny, ale myslím, že její kouzlo se tím ničí, myslím také, že tento článek není psán tak složitou angličtinou,tak pěkné počtení.


Once upon a time there was a big room with high windows, which were framed with long, lake colored gimbals. A mirror stood in the middle of this room. Beside the mirror grew a birch tree, like a lady with green hair bent before the looking glass. No one knew how she came to be there. She was a guard of the gate to fairy land. Everyone who wanted to visit this magic country could ask her. It was good for many years. But one day an odd fellow came and walked to the other world. He looked like a robot. His skin was very bright, his hair shined silver, and his eyes chilled. His appearance was as cold as ice. My story starts in this moment.

Fairy land was the most beautiful country that you can imagine. The sky was blue like forget-me-nots, the trees were green and diverse kind of birds lived there - blue tits, blackbirds, sparrows and many others - and every night they had a big concert. It was beautiful. Their voices echoed in the fresh summer air. In this part of fairy land it had never been winter, so every night of the year, there could be a show. The sun woke up early, day by day, morning by morning, and nature was filled with sunshine. Butterflies circle around bows of flowers. Most of the flowers there don't grow in our world. Rose, blue, white and purple flowers were in the meadow.

But one day the sun overslept and on this inevitable morning, the odd fellow came. Every bird piped down when they saw him and flew away when he came close to them. In a minute there was deadly silence. Only one small, afraid leaf fell down and lisped and this small voice sounded like a thunder-stroke. The odd fellow made a grimace of pleasure and started to build a factory here. In a month another odd man came and helped first odd fellow with the factory. The factory building looked like an evil ogre who made terrible faces. Big concrete panels with colossal black windows looked like mouth with carious teeth. People of fairy land started to be sad and ill, but the odd fellows didn´t stop. No, they continued.

The sad birch girl didn't have another chance. She had to close the door. So, when the odd fellow went out from the mirror-gate to bring some materials to our world, she broke the glass of the mirror, and the piece squirted into the air like water from a fountain. And then there was darkness.

The birds and butterflies returned and the factory fell down and grass grew on the wrecks. Trees flowered again. The sky was blue again. Wind brushes the hair of the grass, and the people of fairy land were happy like the sun in the height of summer.

Now only children and people with sensible hearts can visit fairy land, because they can find a piece of the magic mirror. If you want to find the way to the fairy land, you can ask the blue tit birds.

Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.


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Beautifull. I like happy ends! :-)

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